Joey Eidelman Memorial Blood Drive

3 /30

As his 10th birthday approaches (October 18), we continue to look for ways to bring good into the world in Joey’s name, knowing that if he were here he would have continued to make this world an immensely better place. Once again, we will be hosting a blood drive with the American Red Cross the week of his birthday. Please help us celebrate his life, his spirit, and continue to do good in his name by joining us, either here in St. Louis or wherever you may be.

Since we first started hosting the blood drive in 2011, people around the country have donated in honor of Joey. This year, the Red Cross has created the Sleeves Up campaign to allow for people who donate to sign up on this website to let us know that they are donating so that we can all be a collective community!

Thank you for your ongoing love and support.

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What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #TeamJoey

Valerie Pfundstein
The 2020 virtual walk week has begun! Go #TeamJoey! Walking miles apart, but never far from the heart! Love Uncle…… at 26.9.2020 15:02
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@TBTimes_Bulls #teamJoey at 20.9.2020 01:09