Jill’s 40th: Life Left to GIVE

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September is my birthday month, and this year it’s the month I turn 40. I’ll be honest that I’ve not been looking forward to this milestone. My life is a little different than I had pictured it to be at 40. The fact that both my parents passed in their 50s causes me to take a hard look at whether I’m the person I want to be and accomplishing the goals I believe in. And when healthy eating and exercise just can’t seem to trump powerful genetics, it can get pretty discouraging, right?
But then I think about the people that are in a fight for their lives every day- adults and children, alike, that are dependent on a blood transfusion to see another day- and I realize I have life left to GIVE. A half hour of my time and one pint could save THREE LIVES? I’m in! In my twenties I was often anemic and therefore unable to donate. Fortunately, that is one thing that has gotten better with age, and I can donate regularly now. Will you join me? The best 40th birthday gift would be for 40 friends to pledge to give blood. Maybe you’re like me and couldn’t donate previously, would you try again?

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