Jaydon Strong

Jaydon Strong Blood Drive sponsored by Barb Clark
9 /10

Let’s roll up our sleeves and give the gift of life. One unit of donated blood can save three peoples lives.

I challenge all of my people to donate blood by April10, 2023 to win an $25.00 gift certificate . Right now, in my life I have 3 wonderful people who are or may be depending on the gift of lift to save their lives.

My brother in law, Jim receives platelets 1 to 2 times a week, if they are available. Jaydon, our grandson, who turns 19 this month, underwent extensive knee replacement yesterday, in his fight with bone cancer. My nieces grandson, Christopher, received blood for his cancer battle while in the hospital, celebrating his 5th birthday.

I personally, have been a blood donor for 30+ years. Jaydon not only has been a multiple blood donor but has volunteered since he was old enough, at many area blood drives, doing any task asked. Carrie, our daughter, is a nurse with American Red Cross Blood Services.

I personally, will donate one $25.00 gift certificate to a first time donor and one $25.00 gift certificate to one platelet donor and one $25.00 gift certificate to a regular donor. The winners for each of these will be randomly drawn. Preregister on line and American Red Cross will notify me of each donor. If you donate outside of American Red Cross personal message me and I will ensure your name is included in the drawings. If you have problems private message me.

Each and every one of you can make a difference in the lives of those in need. Please help me reach my goal of 10 units by April 10, 2023. Jaydon Strong!!!!