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RT @TwitManager_: 5⭐️ The story and characters were well developed. It was like reading a Nicholas Sparks novel!' My Last Breath by @Meg_… at 20.1.2021 21:40
Singgih Dwi Putranto❤🖤
RT @parentingINA: “Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.” —Unknown #quotes… at 20.1.2021 21:39
Debbie Viggiano
RT @sudesna_ghosh: Announcing the relaunch of my Gita & Neel #series! On Nook, Kobo & Apple Books now🎉 ODIO: ONI… at 20.1.2021 21:37
RT @CharlestineCo: You define what represents family. Show #love for yours with our #charlestineandcompany “Family First” long sleeve desig… at 20.1.2021 21:37
Idris Davies 3-18 Health and Wellbeing
RT @CymoeddSport: Exciting opportunity to join our Female Rugby Academy For more information then please register for the @ColegyCymoedd O… at 20.1.2021 21:37
Terrence Salami
After a great talk with @GregSchiano , @Coach_Aurich , and @CoachScheier , I am blessed to announce my commitment t…… at 20.1.2021 21:36
Texas Lady Breakers
Got a couple '23s that are going to shock some people this year👀 #tlb #family at 20.1.2021 21:35
Anitra|Chronicles of a Momtessorian
RT @lisa_manderino: Have you thought about having a family reunion? If you want to plan some quality time with family and have fun check t… at 20.1.2021 21:35
Alex Cotto
Very special Birthday wishes go out to Ms. Angie and the @ymoncada19 family from all of us @QCSports and…… at 20.1.2021 21:34
RT @UnTemaAlGiorno: #DaUnCertoPunto in avanti non c'è più modo di tornare indietro. È quello il punto al quale si deve arrivare. Franz Kaf… at 20.1.2021 21:33