In Memory of Evan Mayone

Evan and his Family (Pictured Right to Left: Harrison, Evan, Sophia, Kim, and Mark)
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On December 29th, 2022, Evan Mayone passed away after a year+ long fight against necrotizing pancreatitis caused by severe complications to chemotherapy. He was 17. Evan loved all things aviation-related and dreamed of becoming a commercial airline pilot. Before he got sick, Evan was able to have one private flying lesson while visiting his paternal grandmother in Texas. Despite the seriousness of his illness and the discomfort, pain, and sadness that came along with it, Evan never gave up fighting. He made lists of things that he would do when he got better, including finishing private lessons and getting his pilot’s license. The funds raised for Evan’s private flight lessons will be redirected to honor Evan’s life as the family decides at a later date.

While Evan tried to keep himself busy with lofty goals for when he got out of the hospital, the nurses and doctors kept very busy with his incredibly complex medical case. Evan required a significant amount of human blood product while he was in the hospital. It is simply a fact that Evan would not have been able to fight for so long without blood donations. While we are all heartbroken that Evan is ultimately no longer with us, we can honor him by donating blood in his name. Please consider donating blood in this memorial (and remote) blood drive to help other sick kids get better and achieve their dreams.

With love,
Evan’s Sister