In Loving Memory of Marlene Haffmans

February 13, 1944 - January 15, 2023 Rest in Peace
12 /100

Those of you that knew Mom/Marlene/Noni, knew that she was an amazing selfless, kind, loving person. What may have been harder to spot with her mild-mannered demeanor, was her incredible ability to overcome, pain and fight a battle so difficult and daunting that most would have given up. Marlene choose life and lived each day to its fullest.  She was able to live many months past what had been expected and enjoyed an amazing adventure with her family and friends by her side “Living in a Painting” as she said, at Wrightsville Beach, NC. As she got weaker and it was more difficult to find veins for lab tests and blood transfusions, she did not give up and endured so much for the ability to enjoy more of her time on earth. She was able to live longer than her body would have allowed with blood and platelet transfusions, as much as three times a week towards the end, from Zimmer Cancer Center in Wilmington, NC.  She was able to enjoy Thanksgiving, and Christmas and even was strong enough to share a toast with her children on New Year’s Eve 2022-2023 while blowing bubbles off the balcony of the oceanfront “painting” we enjoyed. We want to honor her memory and give back in her honor by helping the American Red Cross gather more blood and platelets to help others get to live to enjoy the world around them as she was so fortunate to be able to do.  The nurses at the Zimmer Cancer Center were so amazing and truly loved and cared for mom. Their smiles, the stories they shared, warm blankets and comfort will never be forgotten.  My understanding is there is even a greater shortage on platelets than blood, but either would be wonderful and helpful I am sure. Thank you for helping to pay it forward.