in honor of the donors who saved my son

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In November 2020 our 15 year old son, Edison, was diagnosed with Lupus. The disease hit every part of his body. In February he had undergone a biopsy to determine damage in the kidney. You see, the kidney is packed with vessels so even though it was a small puncture, it was prone to internal bleeding. Especially for him since he was on blood thinners for Lupus caused blood clots. We switched the thinners and we knew the risks. We didn’t know he would be a worst case scenario. Three days post op, he was rushed to the ER and received his first bag of blood and was transported to Cleveland Clinic Pediatric ICU. He was bleeding internally and had a large hematoma on his kidney. After 2 weeks and 12 transfusions he came home. He was a success story but there were times that we didn’t know if he would be. He’s here because of those TWELVE HEROS. Every bag that was hung, I prayed for and thanked those donors.

I hope they know the good they did.

Join me in doing something amazing. WE have the ability to save lives.

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