In honor of Ed Hawkins

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In honor of Ed Hawkins.
Ed was an amazing man who loved everyone and did not expect anything in return.
He was a simple man who didn’t need much beyond his family, friends, and Hokie Football.

As Hokie Football season kicks off tomorrow, I am starting this blood donation campaign in honor of Ed. I am asking you to please Rollup Your Sleeves and donate blood. Your blood can offer someone the gift of extra months or years of life with their loved one, just as it did for Ed.

This campaign will run through the Hokie Football season and will conclude after the VT – UVA football game on Nov 25th. This means that if you donate in September (please do), you may be able to donate TWICE during the campaign (blood donation can occur every 56 days).

Let’s celebrate Ed and make him proud of us. We love you, Ed.