Hope for Henry

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Last year we celebrated the one year mark of Henry’s brain aneurysm. What a year that was! He made impossible strides in that first year and the same holds true for year two. Our focus over the last year continues to be rehabilitation. Henry started preschool last fall, returned to swim class and began music therapy last December. Last fall we started to notice odd behavior with Henry and his left side body movements. We later learned these movements were actually focal onset seizures. While on 3 seizure medications and over a few months time these seizures increased in frequency to 40+ a day. After many attempts to find the right mixture of medications with no success it was recommended for Henry to have an intensive neurological work up to see if he would be eligible for a hemispherotomy. He was approved by the board of physicians at Barrow’s Neurological. Henry had surgery in February of this year. With some minor steps back and a short stay in rehab, Henry has made great progress, and is celebrating 7+ months seizure free. In March Henry was able to return to school for a little over a week before the world shut down due to COVID. Our time at home allowed us the opportunity to truly slow down for the first time since learning about Henry’s aneurysm. In August we added another therapy to Henry’s already busy week, vision therapy. We’re hopeful that Henry will be returning to school {in-person} in October after spending a week in North Carolina at a Constraint Induced Movement Therapy {CIMT} camp.

Henry is a miracle and was saved by those who donated blood. We encourage you to to be a part of someone else’s miracle; schedule your blood donation today in honor of Henry. Thank you for loving Henry and our family over the last two years!

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