Honoring Alex Beden

4 /21

2020 was the 20 year anniversary of Alex’s death. I wanted to mark the milestone and keep her memory alive in a big way. I recruited friends and family to help hit a goal of 20 whole blood donations between Thanksgiving and 12/27 (a time when blood supplies are historically critically low – then add a pandemic on top of it!).

We were all blown away by the showing of support. Alex’s old friends, teachers, neighbors, and people who never even had the chance to meet her came out to #honoralexb and donate in her memory.

We surpassed our goal and had 32 whole blood donations! It was such a success that I decided this shouldn’t be something we only do once every 20 years, we should do it every year!

Alex was a recipient of blood and platelets and I know there are unfortunately many other young teens who need it to continue to fight their battles against cancer.

**Due to an already dangerously low supply, we are starting the blood drive early this year. Please feel free to go anytime between now and 12/27. Make sure to schedule an appointment as there are fewer schedules drives due to staffing shortages.

Don’t forget to take a donor selfie and send your picture to Jenn by text, Instagram, Facebook or email: [email protected] so it can be shared and counted towards our goal!

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #HonoringAlexB

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