Honor Paul Goellner

13 /79

During Paul’s treatment of leukemia, he tracked his blood products and he used 65 Units of Red Blood Cells and 14 Units of Platelets. The purpose of this campaign is to replace the 79 Units of blood products that Paul used. The campaign will kick off on Paul’s birthday, February 23, 2023 and end when we have met our goal. For each unit that you donate, you will receive a chance for your name to be put in a drawing. The winner of the drawing will have a $500 donation made to the American Red Cross in their name. Some of you are regular donors and for others, this may serve as a motivator to start donating blood. Not everyone is able to donate blood and please know that your support in other ways, is appreciated.

The American Red Cross has an app for Blood Donor which makes finding places to donate and scheduling appointments straight forward, even I can use. Thank you for your help. Bette