Help us with the 10 year shortage please!

Denny and Karen on a train
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We come to ask you to join us in finding blood and platelet donors. Karen has received so much help from infusions and transfusions as she deals with treatments. Each time she needs blood or platelets her Oncologist has to negotiate with the blood bank. The blood bank has to spread out the supplies due to a ten year low in donations. The donations are down because of staff shortages closing blood drives, fear of Covid keeping donors away and natural disasters in 2021. This has led to great need for blood while cutting back on supplies.
So we come to you friends and family, to help cover the shortage. You can no longer designate recipients, but you can love your neighbors where you are with the gift of life. The Red Cross has taken all safety measures. We have both given blood in our younger years, seldom wondering if we ourselves would need help someday. I thought I was now too old, but Karen’s sister, Mary, gave a unit to honor her and Mary is 80. I am scheduled to give platelets next week.
Thank you for help. Denny and Karen Hacker