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Plastics impact campaign
RT @sustaincredits: earth doctor Emma has caught the plogging bug from her friend, earth doctor and plogging regular Henriette (@plogginggi… at 28.7.2021 14:54
Plastics impact campaign
RT @sustaincredits: earth doctor Inese clears up plastic waste in Downhill Park, London, UK. #sustaincredits #masforgood #healtheworld #go… at 28.7.2021 13:12
Plastics impact campaign
RT @sustaincredits: another two bagfuls from earth doctor Phil in Cohasset, MA, USA. thank you Phil! #sustaincredits #masforgood #healthew… at 28.7.2021 13:12
Plastics impact campaign
RT @G30rgina: Is there any need for the piece of cardboard inside this oreo cake packet? @Oreo @CadburyUK #PointlessPlastic #PointlessPacka… at 28.7.2021 13:05
earth doctor Henriette strikes again – here with her haul in Västra Hamnen, Malmö, Sweden. #masforgoodtwitter.com/i/web/status/1… at 28.7.2021 11:46
PISF 10 minutes 👌🏼 #HealTheWorld 😅 pic.twitter.com/ia8SKhy4IQ at 28.7.2021 09:44
There is so much to deal with there is so little care available. #reflectionsofAroHa #healtheworld #letlovelead at 28.7.2021 08:38
Juan Rafael Aguilar, M.D.
Heal The World Coin, The best charity token in the history. Designed to help charity projects worldwide. PRE-SALE o… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… at 28.7.2021 08:31
Juan Rafael Aguilar, M.D.
RT @HTWorldCoin: HEAL THE WORLD PRE-SALE 🌱 You must be in the whitelist to participate on our pre sale. 🔥 200 winners will be chosen!… at 28.7.2021 08:31
In times like these, all we can do is unite and work together to try to let our world heal. #healtheworld pic.twitter.com/rss5JrYeiZ at 28.7.2021 08:04