HCAT Blood Drive

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Often people wonder why I have continued to do blood drives every 6 months. I have been with Health Catalyst for over 10 years and I believe that I have been doing blood drives for 9 of them and while I have always believed that giving blood can save lives I don’t think I really connected that concept until I started thinking of all the people in my life that have had to use a blood donation (both my parents). Then, two years ago, a team member shared a story with me, and it brought the importance of giving blood forward once again.

Raul Carolus shared:
“Without blood donors, my life would look very different.
16 years ago, my wife was pregnant and developed preeclampsia. That had morphed into HELLP syndrome (Hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets). Fortunately, our nurse midwife was paying attention and knew something was wrong, so we went in 5 weeks prior to the due date and my wife received medicine to induce labor. About 8 hours after that process started, a cadre of nurses and medical personnel burst into the room with a Keystone Kops level of activity. When my wife asked “what’s going on”, a nurse stops mid-stride and says, “We need to do a C-Section now, before we can’t anymore.” My wife’s platelet count had dropped dangerously low, almost to the point of being unable to clot at all. 10 minutes later I was left in an empty room, wondering if I was going to have a wife and child at the end of the day.

During the procedure, my wife needed 5 units of blood and 8 units of platelets. The team of medical professionals wouldn’t have been able to save my wife without the help of anonymous heroes who donated blood and platelets. I have a wife and four kids today because of blood donors.

On October 23, 2021, my son and I are going to give blood. It will be his first time; his first time being a hero to someone he’ll never meet. I hope everyone who is able will take some time, roll up your sleeves and donate blood. There’ll be cookies afterward, after all!”

I am doing a two-month (June and July) “Sleeves Up” campaign along with the blood drive at the South Jordan office on July 19th. I am hoping for 100 team members to participate but would love 3x that number and I hope all that can give blood will sign up to donate during this time.