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Throughout the month of February, HaystackID will be hosting a virtual blood drive! Every two seconds, a patient in the United States will need a lifesaving transfusion. HaystackID is working with the American Red Cross to host a virtual nationwide blood drive. You can be in Seattle, Miami, or anywhere in between. There are donation sites around the country. The need for blood is most acute during and after the holidays. Now is the most important time to be a donor. Instructions are below. All donors with photos of their donations will receive a HaystackID branded backpack!

Your small gift may mean saving someone’s life. Here is how you can help…

Step 1 – Click on the “Pledge To Give Blood” link above.

Step 2 – Enter your details in the window and click “Make a Pledge.”

Step 3 – The website will provide location and appointment options that best suit your needs. You can donate wherever and whenever you like. It must occur between Feb 1 and Feb 28.

Step 4 – Take a pic of your blood donation. You can either email the photo to Pam Bartlett ([email protected]) or post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter with the hashtag #haystackgivesback.

Step 5 – Eat cookies and chocolate milk.

Step 6 – Feel good about the wonderful gift you have just given.

All donors with supplying photos of their donations will receive a HaystackID branded backpack!

Please contact Danny Pelc ([email protected]) with any questions.

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #haystackgivesback

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