Happy 41st, Elizabeth!

14 /25

Helping other people brings me a lot of joy, so for my 41st birthday this year, I’m asking my friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to help me celebrate another year of my life by supporting the American Red Cross with blood and/or monetary donations. It is my sincere hope to reach my goal of 25 completed blood donations, which will save the lives of up to 75 people.

I know some people cannot donate blood for a range of reasons. If this is true of you, please consider making a monetary donation instead. Blood and monetary donations are both very important!

Why did I choose this cause?
Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. Blood is essential for surgeries, cancer treatments, chronic illness and traumatic injury. These statistics are very real and are a reminder of how important it is to support this cause. It’s never been easier to find a location nearby and schedule an appointment!

Click on the “PLEDGE TO GIVE BLOOD” button.

To track my progress, copy and paste this URL into your web browser: https://bit.ly/3HKNy26

Your blood and monetary gifts are greatly appreciated!

Lots of love,