Hana’s Birthday Wish

6 /30

Here’s why I want you to give blood:

1) I can’t. Because I have anemia and my blood iron levels are so low, it’s actually dangerous for me to donate now. (I’ve passed out every single time I’ve donated, and I’ve donated four times)

2) Because we are in the midst of a blood shortage and without access to blood transfusions thousands of people across the country will suffer.

3) Because COVID-19 is preventing a lot of people from donating (because the majority of donors are 50+), which is limiting the amount of blood available even though the demand is the same. However, as long as your healthy and asymptomatic, you can donate blood— Don’t worry, the Red Cross tests your blood to make sure it’s safe and you can still practice social distancing!

4) Because you’re probably bored, and so instead of being a lazy bum you should do something meaningful today!

5) Because it’s my birthday and It’s the least you can do🙃

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #givebloodnotgifts

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