Go Red – EBCRS Virtual Blood Drive

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February is American Heart Month, a time when all people can focus on their cardiovascular health.

At East Bay Church of Religious Science, the Health and Wellness Ministry is hosting Hypertension Sunday on February 25th. During this event, the community can receive blood pressure screenings at no cost.
Materials related to heart health, stress relief, healthy eating and more will be available

You have an opportunity to support the East Bay Church of Religious Science Health and Wellness Ministry and your health by donating blood on the Go Red – EBCRS Virtual Blood Drive campaign.

Blood Donation Benefits
Donating blood has benefits for your emotional and physical health. According to a report by the Mental Health Foundation, helping others can:
~ reduce stress
~ improve your emotional well-being
~ benefit your physical health
~ help get rid of negative feelings
~ provide a sense of belonging and reduce isolation
Research has found further evidence of the health benefits that come specifically from donating blood.

Blood donation includes a free health checkup. In order to give blood, you’re required to undergo a health screening. A trained staff member performs this checkup.
They’ll check your:
~ pulse
~ blood pressure
~ body temperature
~ hemoglobin levels
This free mini-physical can offer excellent insight into your health. It can effectively detect problems that could indicate an underlying medical condition or risk factors for certain diseases.

Your blood is also tested for several diseases. These include:
~ hepatitis B
~ hepatitis C
~ West Nile virus
~ Syphilis
~ Trypanosoma cruzi

Thank you for your support for EBCRS and your own health!