Tribute Video for Cpt. Matt LeTourneau
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Donate Blood on May 8th!! No matter where you live, Donate Blood on May 8th and post a picture with #GiveBloodToHonorMatt.

Cpt. Matthew LeTourneau gave the ultimate sacrifice to save another. This campaign is in a very small way our opportunity to give back.

On January 6, Captain LeTourneau died in the line of duty while attempting to rescue the occupant of a burning home in North Philadelphia. Captain Matt LeTourneau exemplified heroism in numerous ways. He served as a firefighter and EMT in Delaware County before joining the Philadelphia Fire Department and rising through its ranks. As an instructor at the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center, he trained firefighters from departments around the region. He devoted resources and time to volunteer groups, and his love of animals was evident in his support of several animal welfare organizations. But on top of all this, he was a committed blood donor.

Let’s make May 8th our chance to at least give some of ourselves to another by donating a pint of blood. This is our opportunity to help save a life! Please pledge to give blood on May 8th! We are trying to make May 8th, #GiveBloodToHonorMatt day. We have a goal of saving 1,000,000 lives on this day. Matt would be proud and he’d say “Go big or go home!” So let’s make this HUGE!

Thanks to the idea and efforts from the Carol H. Axelrod Memorial Blood Drive for starting and running with the idea. More information about their blood drive can be found here:

My brother has touched many lives through the country, it’s the least we can do to give back in his memory! We will forever be grateful for his sacrifice and duty, but we will never forget, his smile, his love and especially his humor! On behalf of my entire family, I thank you for making this pledge and saving at least one life!

Sincerely, Luke LeTourneau (Matt’s brother)