Give from the Heart

Our community is strongest when we share our assets; that includes our blood.
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Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood and we are experiencing the worst blood shortage in over a decade. In the Midwest, 74% of the blood collection centers have less than a two day’s supply of blood, and four centers have only a one-day supply [as of 4/22/2022 as reported by the Red Cross]. While race does not directly affect blood compatibility, Blacks and others of African descent are more prone to have diseases that require unique blood antigens that are found most often in those with a similar background.

Blood donation is essential for surgeries, cancer treatment, traumatic injuries, and chronic illnesses common in Black communities like sickle cell anemia and more rare but devastating diseases like aplastic anemia. One donation can help save the lives of 3 people! That is until someone can’t get the blood they need.

What if that someone was someone you knew? What if it was your loved one, your neighbor, or your co-worker? What if it was someone like Burrell Poe, a compassionate community builder with an ongoing need for blood? (read his story at He is just one example of the many people who rely on us to donate blood so they can receive life saving treatments they need.

Please join The Safety Net initiative of the Chicago Peace Fellows Mutual Aid Collaborative as we work to improve the health outcomes of folks like Burrell Poe plus the many others who need blood in the communities we serve. Simply click the Pledge button, pick a day/time to donate at a location of your choice, then Post a selfie of you donating blood to encourage others to do the same because


–The Safety Net Leadership Team
Agape Werks, Inc, The Black Star Project, Imani Community Development, Future Ties, and Telpochcalli Community Education Project