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First Time Donating Blood
2 /25

Hello everyone! The letters you see here may not seem like a big deal. But the letters A, B, and O make up our main blood groups. And for a patient in the hospital needing blood, it’s everything.
Only 3 out of 100 Americans donate blood, yet every two seconds someone needs it. Fewer people are donating blood to help patients. You can change that by joining the international Missing Types movement and fill in the missing types.
I gave blood for the first time about a month ago. I’ve always been scared of needles and easily pass out. I saw that we were in need of blood donations now more than ever due to no blood drives and a lot less blood donations because of Covid-19. I decided on day my fear was not going to stop me from saving someone’s life. It felt amazing to be able to do something that could save someone’s life. I will now be donating on a consistent basis and will be helping with onsite blood drives once this all lifts. For now I have become an ambassador and I’m doing a virtual blood drive. Let’s save some lives and give blood it costs nothing but your blood! ❤️

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