Give Blood in Honor of FireGirl Addi, 15A1

The gift of blood breathed life back into FireGirl Addi (15A1) and we want the same for others.
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One blood donation can help save up to three lives. That means a lot to patients in need, but it took on a new meaning for our family. I never fully understood that blood was the gift of live until I saw blood bleed live back into our daughter Addi. Without volunteer blood donors, our story might have had a different ending. Help me reach my goal and ensure that patients receive the life saving blood they need. Pledge to give in honor of Addi and then make & keep an appointment to give blood to the American Red Cross.

Addi is a 10 year old girl who inspires us every day.  She is also courageously fighting a progressive battle with a complex life threatening disease which has already required hundreds of out of state medical trips to access critical specialty care not available in Vermont.  Among other medical issues, Addi suffers severe blood and bone marrow disorders.  In 2018, the support of her community, the Essex Fire Department and your gift of blood brought her back to continue inspiring us.  Addi’s firefighters, family and community are so thankful for this gift of life.  We would like others to have the same chance.  If you missed the fully booked annual donation drive in her honor, but please pledge your next blood donation to be in honor of Addi and schedule it now by visiting

When asked “what else can I do?” – We say, please consider 1) supporting your local food shelf; 2) donating to Angel Flight NE who arranges free flights so Addi and other patients can access necessary medical care (; 3) Share this information and encourage others to donate blood or support their community in these and other ways.

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