GIVE ANOTHER BIRTHDAY: a virtual blood drive

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Hello everyone! I have opened up a virtual blood drive campaign called “Give Another Birthday”, and would love it if AT LEAST 25 PEOPLE pledged to donate blood through the American Red Cross between now and April 30th! It’s not for any contest or prize, or anything like that… I just simply want to do something to help people, and as someone who has become an active blood donor throughout the past year, I know that this is an amazing way to give back!

Every donation can save up to 3 lives… that’s 3 people, people who are in unexpected trauma from wrecks, violence, natural disasters, etc., who are getting another chance at life… another chance to celebrate their birthdays, thanks to that 1 person who rolls up their sleeve!
That 1 person could be YOU!

I, myself, will be donating on 3/27 at the Donation Center in Duluth, GA in honor of my own campaign, but you don’t have to be in GA to participate! Just as long as you pledge to donate through any of the Red Cross donation centers or blood drives across the US, it will count towards my campaign! 😀

Thank you in advance for y’all who do sign up to give blood, but I do understand some of you can’t, especially if you have some sort of medical issue or are otherwise ineligible to give. So if you can’t or choose not to do so, if you could at least share my post/link and spread the word, that would be awesome!

Thank you, everyone! Be sure to post your pics of your donation journeys using my campaign hashtag #giveanotherbirthday

** If you have any questions about signing up for a donation appointment or the blood-giving process in general, please don’t hesitate to ask me! As someone who has now given blood 4 times now (a quart of blood, in total), as well as actively volunteered at blood donation centers and drives throughout the past year, I can certainly help to clear up any concerns or questions you may have**

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #giveanotherbirthday

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