Give a pint for Gary

Give a Pint for Gary
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Team Gary,

As we approach Super Bowl LVIII we have decided to rally again with the “kickoff” of a virtual effort – a blood and platelet drive which will run between two special dates: the Super Bowl on February 11th and the total solar eclipse passing through Vermont on April 8th.

Please join us in the gift of a pint (or more) towards a virtual round for Gary. During the last year of treatment he has received blood and platelets while waiting for his own bone marrow to regenerate blood cells. All are beyond grateful to the kindness and generosity of blood donors who have truly given him the gift of life. Here is a way we can all help and give back: Make a pledge to give blood or platelets to the “Give a Pint For Gary” campaign using the link and help us reach and far surpass our goal by April 8th. If you can’t give blood, you can also choose to make a donation or share with others.

Jill and Brigitte