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This year for my birthday, I’m asking family and friends to give blood sometime over the next 30 days in my honor. This SleevesUp virtual birthday blood drive will track pledges so we can celebrate together. A month-long celebration could become a lifesaving moment for others. If you know me at all, you should know that I believe in being a regular donor. For me it’s normally plasma since I’m AB+, but I hope that you will carve out a little bit of time in the next month to do your part and donate blood to the RedCross. There is a major shortage right now and they could really use some extra love!! What do you say?

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #givealittlebit

Likes her Lame Duck with a side of See Ya Sucker
Happy to report 60 lovely generous peeps showed up and gave til it hurt. #hospice #givealittlebit… at 29.11.2020 05:44
Likes her Lame Duck with a side of See Ya Sucker
Working a Hospice lunch today in Patumahoe and it’s gonna rain all bloody day. Hope people don’t back out. #givealittlebit #karmaschmarma at 28.11.2020 18:12
Ana López❤RH
@mamen_tejedor @navedelmisterio Son otras Navidades. Se pueden celebrar igual con la gente con quien convives cada…… at 25.11.2020 22:03
Cuando en medio de la publicidad en la tele suena #GiveALittleBit de @RogerHodgson no puedes evitar sonreír.…… at 22.11.2020 00:17