Gift of Blood in Honor of Lucy Miles Hoehn

Lucy with Dad, the day after her birth
8 /25

Two days after Lucy’s birth, her mother could barely stay awake, let alone walk around to care for Lucy. An iron drip failed to raise Stephanie’s hemoglobin level. The hospital asked for consent for a blood transfusion to raise the critically low level of hemoglobin in her blood.

For Lucy’s Sip and See we are asking for you to help us pay forward the gift of blood donation. Who knows who donated the blood Stephanie received, but it was crucial and we are very thankful.

News headlines say that blood donations are down and some procedures are being put off to save blood for emergencies. It is not a given that blood products will be available when they are needed.
Estimates are that 3% of deliveries result in postpartum blood transfusions. Your donation could possibly help another family at the birth of their child, just as we were helped.