Gianni The Great’s Blood Drive

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If you know Gianni and his family, you know that this family loves big and gives big. They are consistently giving back to their community through things like holding a supplies drive and dinners for local communities impacted by a hurricane and coat drives for children in the community.
Recently Gianni had an operation. Soon after returning to recover, he began vomiting blood… a lot of blood. Because of selfless donors like YOU, the doctors were able to quickly provide him with a life saving blood transfusion and then operate to stop the bleeding. From his Mom, Rochelle, “Staring at this bag of blood hanging over Gianni’s bed, I now understand the magnitude of donating blood. You can hear ‘it saves lives’ all day long, but unfortunately many of us will never truly care until it saves the life of someone we love. Thank you for donating, thank you for helping to save my baby’s life.”
In honor of Gianni the Great, we are holding a virtual blood drive so that doctors don’t have to make the decision on who gets a critical supply of blood and who has to wait because they don’t have enough.