GHX CONNECTS Spirit Week Blood Drive Campaign

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As we work to create a future where affordable, quality healthcare is available for all, we proudly demonstrate our commitment to health equity. Join GHX as we help fill the blood shortage gap. Read more on donating blood in this article from Cigna:

How to Donate:
1. Click the red PLEDGE TO GIVE BLOOD button above.
2. Enter your name and email.
3. You will be directed to the Red Cross Blood Drive search engine to find a donation site near you and register to give blood.
*Important Note: While Red Cross Blood Donation Centers are located in the majority of the GHX Core Cities, there are a few cities out of range. To find a donation center in one of those cities, continue reading below.*
4. On your donation date, snap a selfie outside of your donation site and post it to #dei-culture!

Alternative Donation Sites: (Copy and Paste links into your web browser.)
Denver, CO –
Tampa, FL –
New York, NY –
Austin, TX –
Pittsburgh, PA –

Looking for a different way to give back?
You don’t have to donate blood to make a difference! Consider the following ways to give back through the American Red Cross:

Donate Financially to the Blood Services Effort –
You will be provided with a donation receipt as confirmation. Forward your donation receipt to [email protected] to mark your “pledge.”

Volunteer with American Red Cross –
Let us know you you volunteered by sharing it with [email protected] or post in the #dei-culture slack channel.