Gail Jenkin Memorial Blood Drive

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On December 13, 2023, we lost Gail after a short illness. We miss her dearly.

Gail was with the firm since its inception, having started with Steve during his time at Burr, Pilger, Mayer (BPM) back in August 1994. Over the decades, she seamlessly evolved into an indispensable pillar of both organizations, serving as the firm administrator for SD Mayer and Steve’s right hand for 31 years.

Beyond her professional prowess, Gail’s amicable nature, solution-driven approach, and unwavering support made her an invaluable asset to SD Mayer. She was the thread that bound us, the calm in the storm, and the individual who, quite frankly, kept us all in check.

For anyone associated with SD Mayer, Gail was not just an administrator; she was the heart and soul of the firm. She loved the firm, she loved the people, and we loved her too.

In honor of Gail, we have a goal of reaching 1,000,000 pints of blood over the next 10 years. Our offices will be closing annually on or near Gail’s birthday in April, but we realize that giving blood isn’t a “once-a-year” type of thing, so we ask that you pledge your support on your annual giving. We appreciate the support.