From the Heart With Love

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Nikia Phoenix is a model, storyteller, and dream instigator with a passion for women’s issues, social equality, and all things beautiful. She believes in giving from the heart and uplifting others through service and acts of kindness. One of the ways Nikia serves is by sharing the work of incredible non-profits like the American Red Cross who gladly give aid to those in need.

Have the courage to give. For the longest time, I didn’t donate blood because I was afraid of needles. I allowed my fears to keep me from helping those in need for way too long. Now I know that I only needed a friend’s hand to hold to get me through. Let me lend a virtual hand and encourage you to donate blood to the American Red Cross. There are people who need your help especially those with blood types A, B, and O. Give from the kindness of your heart. Make a pledge and roll up your sleeves. Remember one donation could save someone’s life. Be brave and give with love.

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #SleevesUpSummer

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