For David Edgar, Jane Mae & Layla Rain

Pat & Dorothy Mae
7 /50

As Mother’s & Father’s Day(s) 2019 are upon us , this drive is being hosted in honor of:

The all too short lives of David Edgar, Jane Mae and Layla Rain. These are children who were lost to their parents and all our extended family in recent and; devastating premature births. They are the children of my wonderful nieces and their husbands. I hope to show these young, grieving parents and the many others who have suffered similarly and often silently, that they have our love and support in a meaningful way. 

Why a blood drive? One of my nieces suffered significant, dangerous blood loss after child birth.  When I asked her what can I do for you?  She said give blood. I do give often and, I will donate again and, more regularly.  I invite you, our family and friends to please join me in that effort. I know that giving blood is not fun and all are not able but, it is important, saves lives and, it is something many of us (or our proxy’s) can do.

Why a picture of me and my mother Dorothy Mae Stratford on this campaign? It is to point out that this tragedy touches us all. “Grammy” has told us that the toughest day in her life was the day she lost her baby Susan. This is a tragedy that has spanned time. The least we can do is support parents and grandparents who, experience this extraordinary grief firsthand.

So, with love I humbly ask, YOU and /all friends to please raise your sleeve up for David Edgar, Jane Mae and Layla Rain as they are a part of our hearts and will not be forgotten.


2-4-3 (We love you)


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