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We’re celebrating two events:
1) Our podcast Fintech Cafe is turning one year old!
2) World Blood Donor Day on June 14, 2022!

Fintech Cafe has been our hobby project, started with an intention to build a community around thought leadership in the fintech space. Because COVID-19 hampered traditional professional networking, we started hosting live audio calls with the Founders & Executives of various fintech companies on Clubhouse, a free social media platform. The show quickly became a weekly ritual among the fintech nerds, and now we are 52 episodes old! We’re grateful for the community cultivated, connections built, and growth experienced during this journey.

To celebrate our 1-year anniversary, we’re partnering with American Red Cross for World Blood Donor Day on Tuesday June 14th. This January the American Red Cross announced a national blood crisis – the worst blood shortage in over a decade. If you’re healthy and able to donate, we encourage you to donate blood, platelets, or plasma.

How to get started:
1) Find a blood drive near you by clicking on the “Pledge to give blood” button.
2) Download the mobile app and track where your blood ends up. You can also join the “Fintech Cafe” team on the mobile app to see the impact of the wider community.
3) Please use #FintechCafeGivesBlood hastag on Twitter and Instagram when you post your pictures!