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We all know someone who has or had cancer. I don’t know about you, but I always wish I could help them fight it, and I discovered that by donating platelets you actually can.
A platelet donation can provide a full dose of platelets for a patient, sometimes up to three patients.

Why are platelets so important?
Platelets are tiny cells in your blood that form clots and stop bleeding. For millions of Americans, they are essential to surviving and fighting cancer, chronic diseases, and traumatic injuries.
Platelets are in constant demand by hospitals. About 2 million units of platelets are transfused each year in the U.S. Every 15 seconds someone in the U.S. needs platelets. On average, platelets are transfused within 3 days of donation.

Here’s who they help:
Platelets give cancer patients the strength they need to keep fighting. While cancer patients undergo treatment, a major side effect is low platelet count. Without a platelet transfusion cancer patients face life-threatening bleeding because platelets help blood to clot.
Platelets also help patients survive major surgeries or serious injuries. After major surgery or serious injury, patients may need platelets to replace those lost during bleeding. Platelets keep them alive while they recover.
Platelets give strength to patients with blood disorders and those with transplants. Platelets transfusions go a long way to help keep these patients going and live more active, healthy lives.
Because platelets must be used within five days, new donors are needed every day. That’s why we need you.

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