Fight with Ike

15 /25

In the course of chemo, the expected outcome is for Isaac’s leukemia cells to die, but 99+% of the healthy bone marrow cells will also be killed. We then we wait 3-5 weeks for enough healthy cells to regrow to do it all over again. Each time while Isaac’s bone marrow is recovering, he will be entirely dependent on the blood provided by donors to support him when he dips to dangerous levels. Isaac received 16 units of blood and plasma in the first round alone!

This is my confession – I donated blood ~3 times in my life and then decided that unless they upped the pay off I wasn’t interested. I am a changed man!!

When we came to the ER Isaac was anemic and pale and had critically low blood counts (WBC 2100 / Hgb 4.7) and it was a miracle that they could give him a unit of blood and he was instantly like a new person – the color returned to his face and the life literally returned to his spirit.

I have cried more than once thinking about the people who donated their blood to give Isaac life. I cried thanking the blood delivery man in the elevator. If you tell me that you have given blood because of Isaac’s fight I’ll probably cry in front of you!

If you regularly donate blood – I truly can not thank you enough!!

If you don’t donate blood (like me!) – please consider it, even a time or two on behalf of Isaac.