F3 Nation

276 /1000 SleevesUp units

In partnership with The American Red Cross, F3 has launched a campaign to help alleviate the blood supply shortage across the nation. Part of the F3 mission is to invigorate male community leadership, and through blood drives we have an opportunity for Pax throughout the F3 Nation to step forward as leaders to help our communities and save lives. This will be an adventure and when have we ever backed down from a challenge!

The Red Cross is there in time of need. So are the brothers of F3. Time and time again we have demonstrated our commitment to help when needed. There is an urgent need for blood donations across the country. Together, let’s save lives, and let’s have fun doing it!

If you want to be a donor at an F3 Drive already scheduled, go to www.redcrossblood.org and enter F3 in the Find a Drive box. That should take you to the F3 drives. To obtain credit for a donation made to a non-F3 drive, simply select “Pledge To Give Blood” on this page and complete the requested information.

Remember to share this page with friends and family for them to donate in the name of F3 as well. With your help, we’ll get to 10,000 pints collected throughout F3 Nation!