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Our miracle, Sarah Faith
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June 16, 2017 Sarah was diagnosed with T-cell ALL (leukemia). She has been receiving intense chemo for the last nine months that not only kills the cancer cells, but also the good cells. She has required 21 units of blood so far on this journey and 16 bags of platelets. Without blood donation, Sarah would not be with us today. She turned 18 years old on April 1st, thanks to the prayers, chemotherapy treatment and blood donation. We are launching this campaign to increase awareness of the need for blood donation. This doesn’t cost you any money, just takes a little time out of your day to save a life. The need for blood donation doesn’t hit home until it affects your family directly. Please consider donating blood to keep people like Sarah facing chemotherapy, other blood related illnesses, surgeries or traumas alive.  You can help by giving blood and keeping the blood bank full for those who need your donation to live.

Sarah graduated from high school

Posted on: June 8, 2018

A week before graduation, Sarah had to receive 2 more units of blood and a bag of platelets. Every blood donation counts. Please sign up to donate. Without blood donation, Sarah would not have made graduation. Thank you all for donating.

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