Emma’s 1st Birthday

Emma’s 1st Birthday Blood Donation
10 /20

One year. This year of life as been the most precious, yet extremely difficult at the same time. Everyday is a true gift from the Lord and I am forever grateful He allowed me to stay. All of these precious moments in the past year with my family wouldn’t have been possible had He taken me home. I am humbled by this experience and privilege to be able to use it to bring honor and glory to Him. He truly is the giver of life. In lieu of gifts this year for Emma’s birthday, please consider donating blood. As you might have heard, I lost a fatal amount of blood and was given 28 pints of blood and products so this cause is extremely important to me. Without the gift of blood, I would have not survived. I pray you feel led to give back in honor of Emmanuelle and myself.

In Christ,
Vivian and Emmanuelle.

Transfusion total
28 units PRBC
16 ffp
2 cryo in L&D and 5 in ICU= total of 7 units of cryo
3 platelets in L&D, 2 more in ICU= 5 units platelets ( 1 still available in BB)

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