Emily’s Birthday Blood Drive!

6 /12

Hello, friends! If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that blood donation is very important to me. I, and several people I love, have been on the recieving end of blood transfusions, and were it not for donations from regular people who chose to take an hour out of their day to donate blood, we may not be here!

This year, I’d like to encourage friends from all corners of my life to take a look for blood drives nearest you and sign up to donate. I know how it sometimes goes, where you intend to sign up, but it slips to the bottom of the priority list. Or, maybe you’ve never donated before and this would be a totally new thing for you, and you’re not sure how it all works. Please, take this as your sign to find a drive and get registered! The process is simple and it saves lives.

My goal is to get twelve of my friends to sign up to donate blood between now and this time next month. Each donation can save up to three lives, so that means together we could be saving thirty six lives! (Which is one year less than I’m turning this year, and while I don’t buy into the thing where women are afraid of getting older, I DO like easily divisible numbers, so we can *pretend* this is my 36th birthday because it’s more aesthetically pleasing).

Go forth and save lives!

Lots of love,