Eleanor Roosevelt High School SleevesUp Campaign

4 /20

Eleanor Roosevelt High School’s Red Cross Club is dedicated to assisting its local community!

You may have heard of sickle cell disease, but what exactly is it? Sickle cell disease is when red blood cells stiffen and develop into C-shaped blood cells. Once the cells harden, they might become stuck in blood arteries, which can cause major cardiovascular issues for patients.

More than 100,000 people in the United States have sickle cell disease, which may require regular blood transfusions throughout their lives to help manage their pain and longevity of life.

It is especially important for there to be blood donations from people of the same race, ethnicity, and blood type as it is the most effective strategy to treat sickle cell patients in crisis. Because African-Americans account for the majority of sickle cell patients, it is critical that African-Americans donate blood to help individuals who are affected.

By donating blood at your local Red Cross Blood Drive center, you will be helping thousands of people who are suffering every day and lessening the pain they feel.

Please join Eleanor Roosevelt High School’s Red Cross Club in its efforts to donate blood to help those who are suffering from sickle cell disease!

Remember 1 donation can save 3 lives!