ECY March 2024 Virtual Blood Drive

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Donate Blood, Donate Life!

In support of American Red Cross Month, the Wellness Committee is excited to announce that we are hosting a virtual blood drive! By donating blood, you can become a lifesaver and contribute to the well-being of others!

Ecology Policy 05-01, Section 19 allows supervisors to approve paid leave for donating blood. Using eTime, you can request leave by selecting “Leave: Misc Leave” option and writing “civil duty” in the comments. This leave is covered by Ecology and does not come out of your employee leave bank. Once the request is approved, you can schedule a blood donation and get paid to do it!

If you cannot donate blood, please consider visiting the American Red Cross website to see other meaningful ways you can support the organization. Together, we can turn compassion into action and make a positive impact on our communities and beyond!