Driven To Donate in honor of all of those affected by the COVID-19.

My friend Dr. Nik & I
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This campaign was inspired by my friend Dr. Nicole Aqui (Dr. Nik). Dr. Nik and her husband Dr. David Wright are both working long hours as they try to do their part to treat patients and contain the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, Dr. Nik who wears many hats as Residency Program Director and the Section Chief for Transfusion and Apheresis Services at University of Pennsylvania Hospital, reminded us all of how important donating blood is right now.

She let us know that “We’re on the precipice of a major blood shortage. Donating blood is safe and falls within “social distancing”.

Additionally, my own research confirmed that many blood drives were canceled as a result of COVID-19 and the United States currently has a major blood shortage.

Seeing Dr. Nik and many of my other close friends like Dr. Steve, my cousin Dr. DaFina, fellow running buddies Pett & Michelle and so many more who wake up every day and put themselves at risk to help others, inspired me to do what I could do to help also.

Despite my fear of needles, I decided to donate blood for the first time in years. I was so impressed by how professional, clean and passionate the people were that work the blood drive. They took even more precautions to insure that social distancing was maintained and the space stayed clean. As soon as I am allowed to, I plan to donate more.

I am #DrivenToDonate so that the US blood supply can be increased and available for people that need it.

I ask that you join me with your pledge to donate blood also.

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