Donate for Our Dads - John Crosby and Jerry Stahl (Twin Cities, Minnesota)
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Our Dads, John Crosby and Jerry Stahl, are both suffering from MDS where their bone marrow is unable to regenerate blood and both need weekly blood transfusions. Blood bank levels are at historic 10-year lows and our Dads need your help to regenerate their energy and zest for life by donating your blood!

Both of these fathers hold family first in their hearts. John and Laura Crosby recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in the loving presence of their children and grandchildren. Jerry Stahl is husband to Bobbi, father of 4 children, 7 grandchildren and favorite person of too many dogs to count.

Our Dads are husbands, fathers, grandfathers, educators and community leaders who believe “ anything is possible” with an insatiable curiosity for love and life.

Please consider donating your blood today for our dads and all dads so we can continue to enjoy many more family memories. Please give! Go to Twin Cities Red Cross website at and sign up to donate.

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