From left to right - Nick, myself, Kristine and Bryan in January 2020
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Hi All – as some of you may know, my twin sister’s partner Bryan was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine cancer in later 2021. Neuroendocrine cancers are rare and according to Roswell Park Cancer Center only make up 2% of nationally treated cancers. Bryan is continuing to fight this battle with Neuroendocrine cancer, and along the way he has depended on those of us who are healthy and able to donate blood and platelets to support him on his journey.

A little bit about Bryan: he is a high school science teacher in the Bay Area, an avid foodie and cook, and dog dad to a precious border collie named Swarley. He has worked throughout the pandemic with his fellow science teachers to make their curriculum fun and engaging, despite the challenges of remote learning.

If you want to help Bryan and others with their fight, those going through chemo and treatment often need platelets or blood transfusions, and the Red Cross would love your donation. Otherwise, the American Cancer Society has more ways you could join the fight.