Donate Pints For Mike!

Mike in his element!
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Our Brother Mike, loves adventure, taking risks, family, good chocolate and donating blood. Mike has donated gallons of blood over the years and has constantly encourage his family to do the same. He has even gone so far as to pay his nieces and nephews to donate!!

Mike is a believer in doing things for a cause. Now, he is motivating me to create a cause in his name. Mike was in a severe motorcycle accident this fall and ironically has required many pints of blood for his countless surgeries and severe injuries. Mike’s recovery process has been and will continue to be very long. Unfortunately, due to Covid, we can’t physically be with him to support and encourage him on a daily basis.
If it wasn’t for Mike’s encouragement and role-modeling, my family and I wouldn’t have donated blood this past summer.. So, this week I got t thinking, how do I let Mike know that he has and continues to make a difference in someone’s life everyday? And then, it came to me! Let’s see how many pints of blood we can get donated in Mike’s name!
So, please take the time to donate. Now, more than ever, it’s important. Do it in honor of Mike, who has done if for so many others over the years. Do it because it really will make a difference. Do it because the Red Cross is desperate for blood donors right now.
Let’s give blood! Lots and Lots of Blood!!! – You’ll be keeping Mike’s legendary blood donating alive while he heals up and lift his spirits by giving the gift of blood!
What’s so cool about this, is that Mike can check in and can see the difference we are making because of him! Let’s go people!!

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