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Please note that you do not need to donate to the Red Cross specifically. The donation can be to any blood donating organization and blood donations can be done at any location!

My name is Kayla Snider. I am a current social work student from Northwestern State University of Louisiana living in Tomah, Wisconsin. In my communities and organizations course we were required to create a project for our community. I decided to create this campaign to Donate a Second Chance to give back to the resources and services I almost needed to utilize. I had my son early as a result of preeclampsia back in 2017. At some point I had a hemorrhage or excessive bleeding. My hemoglobin levels tanked and I was not allowed to leave the hospital to go with my son who was transported via ambulance to the closest NICU. While my levels did stabilize and started to climb back up, I realized that without the possibility of having donated blood available, should I have ended up needing it, I could have died.

Donating blood not only helps the recipient, but also helps the donor. Donors receive mini physicals prior to donating blood which can alert them to possible medical conditions. Those that donate are also told what their blood type is which can be vital for the donor in the event that they need surgery or have another medical situation occur (i.e. trauma, birth, etc.). For those that are needle shy, they can do monetary donations through this virtual campaign as well. Even sharing the campaign can go a long way!

As much as I wanted to host a blood drive in person, between two children with medical conditions, school, and life in general, I could not spare the time to set up a successful blood drive in person. Even the unpredictable Wisconsin weather and illnesses going around for this time of year could also affect blood collections and cause donation/appointment cancellations. However, through the American Red Cross SleevesUp virtual campaign platform, I can help share with those around me and within the community of Tomah why blood donation is vital to so many. Though I hope to reach many more people and communities.

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Posted on: November 10, 2022

We have almost made it half way! Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far. It means a lot.

First update!

Posted on: November 10, 2022

We’ve made it over 1/4 of the way there. Thank you to everyone that has pledged so far!