Donate a Bag on behalf of Vlady Strong

Donate a Bag on behalf of Vladimir Demesa
7 /25

Our brother, Vladimir DeMesa was admitted to the hospital due to the Covid-19 virus on November 22, 2021 in Las Vegas where he resides. His condition progressively worsened since admission, and he was intubated and moved into a medically induced coma on December 3rd, 2021. We were advised by his care team in Las Vegas that his best chance of survival required a higher level of care, specifically by a facility with an ECMO therapy program and other life-saving treatments that they could not provide. Through the efforts of our family and friends we secured contacts at UCSD in San Diego, that reviewed Vlad’s case. They are able to provide the needed treatments / ECMO therapy he needs and had the bed availability ready to accept him. On December 10, 2021 UCSD sent their ECMO Team to Las Vegas. The team started him on ECMO and Life Flighted him to San Diego. He is currently under the care of the UCSD ICU Team. Vlad has needed several blood transfusions and could possibly need more. These blood transfusions has helped save his life. He wants to bring awareness on the NATIONAL BLOOD SHORTAGE. Please help ensure that patients like Vlad are blessed with this life saving gift. Schedule your appointment and donate on behalf of Vlad.