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This campaign is important to me because without blood donors people would die everyday. It is our responsibility to help others in their time of need.

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Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #dosomething

Steve Hyland
Busy couple of days, but getting it done with or without a functioning HRM. I would despair but far more important…… at 7.7.2020 19:44
WHERE is leadership? If our country has any, please step forward and #DoSomething. at 7.7.2020 18:32
If you guys wont deliver the test result on time why are you even saying it will only going to take 2-4 business da…… at 7.7.2020 18:08
Jason Calizar
Policy drives everything. Lawmakers create policy via legislation. Vote. #vote #policy #dosomething @swingleft… at 7.7.2020 17:39
@JohnCornyn @SenTedCruz - the #HeroesAct from the House is now waiting on the Senate. If you don’t like the proposa…… at 7.7.2020 17:33
Dr. Martin Buchwitz, Managing Director of #PackagingValley & Kathrin Hanselmann Communication and Event Manager of…… at 7.7.2020 17:29
Cc: @GovernorKayIvey Fucking #DoSomething Mandate masks, all offices, retailers, etc.. No masks, no services/pro…… at 7.7.2020 17:26
Imagine if people were as passionate about helping others and taking action to help save lives and ease suffering a…… at 7.7.2020 17:13
Gaurav Dogra
@KamalaHarris What are you and the congress doing about it? How are you protecting these students? #dosomething at 7.7.2020 17:08
Shane Welcher
RT @downiewenjack: Artist Colleen Hele-Cardinal wanted to illustrate the invisible trail that '60s Scoop survivors like herself left behind… at 7.7.2020 16:41
@Eagles not enough. Take a stand. DeSean must go. #DeSeanJackson #dosomething #Antisemitism at 7.7.2020 16:30