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This campaign is important to me because without blood donors people would die everyday. It is our responsibility to help others in their time of need.

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #dosomething

i saw that
RT @100milefreefall: @realDonaldTrump @GoyaFoods #Adrenochrome direct from #China if you misspell “children” as “chidlren” in the search ba… at 11.7.2020 21:14
Hot Carl
@RepAdamSchiff Agreed! What are you complaining to us about?! Do something about it! I don’t care if it’s another c…… at 11.7.2020 21:11
🌊 Herman Chelette ⚜️
I am totally disgusted with the Democratic Party's response to this blatant criminal act by #IMPOTUS. Once again th…… at 11.7.2020 21:04
RT @Lola_mesa: .@IMPDnews @IndyMayorJoe @IndyCouncil when are you going to hold a press conference to talk about this? The criminals are do… at 11.7.2020 20:59
RT @sjpmcintyre: @drawandstrike Does @LindseyGrahamSC get all "angry" again? #DoSomething at 11.7.2020 20:56
Derek Freshman
@SenToomey @RepScottPerry Ya’ll are my voice in the Republican Party in DC. I value the constitution, pro-life, and…… at 11.7.2020 20:43
Tina 🌊🆘️🔄🚫lists, peace but not patience!
@SpeakerPelosi So 45 will continue to pillage and rape American Then collect a pension and lifelong healthcare. #DOSOMETHING at 11.7.2020 20:32
Gary Steuer
RT @JeffBradach: Anything less than standing in the way of all @POTUS is doing until some basic principles of rule of law and human decency… at 11.7.2020 20:17
RT @sjpmcintyre: @drawandstrike Does @LindseyGrahamSC get all "angry" again? #DoSomething at 11.7.2020 20:03
Nicaragua as a child. I found a place that has them locally and in addition, they help at-risk #homelessyouth, what…… at 11.7.2020 20:02
The Truth Teller
#FauciTheFraud tells the governors what to do, they all listen! SILENCE frm @realDonaldTrump @VP & #GOPCowards. Gu…… at 11.7.2020 19:54