Desperate Need for Type ‘O’ Blood for those tormented by Sickle Cell

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I was motivated by how prevalent sickle-cell decrease is within the Black community. The numbers are staggering. And the most needed blood type, type ‘O’ (positive and negative) is most commonly found IN Black people! Over 53% of people with type ‘O’, myself included, are Black. This blood type is even slightly more common amongst Latinos. WE have within us the power to better the lives of our brothers and sisters! An hour of your time, followed by cookies and juice can help ease another human being’s unbearable pain, if only for a short while. Let’s take care of each other, People ❤ @ Red Cross, Pennsylvania


Black Donor Crisis Overseas as Well!

Posted on: August 5, 2019

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Help ease someone’s excutiating pain on your lunch break❤

Posted on: August 5, 2019

This brief part of your day will reward you in a way even greater that the ill patients your blood will help. Donating part of your life force for tge sake of strengtgening another human’s life force is truly foid for the spirit. Your mood will increase. Your joy will fill you more completely. This will only be the second time that I’ve ever given blood. and I am so looking forward to it! After my first donation, I found out that I’m type O+. After some research, I realized that it was that much more important that I give on a regular basis. I realized that my blood was in high demand and could help.many people. In particular, the many African Americans afflicted with sickle cell disease that also carry type O blood. You see, African-Americans and Latinos have the highest percentage of O type blood of all nationalities. So the greatest hope for those suffering with sickle cell disease is there fellow African Americans. I started this virtual campaign in hopes that it would persuade more black people to donate blood on a regular basis . Think of how blessed we are not to suffer from this horrible disease , Sickle Cell. I choose to donate blood not only because of my desire to help my fellow black people suffering frim this uniquely black disease, but also to give back to society at large , even in this very small way. Not to mention my own selfish benefits of increased peace, joy, and contentment. My next appointment to donate blood is to give a Power Red donation, which means twice the amount of blood is taken so that they have access to more red blood cells which are the most critically needed part of the blood for sickle cell patients. Sickle cell disease affects African-Americans more than any other nationality. It is also a fact that African Americans have one of the highest rates of type O blood. Which, to me, means that it is our responsibility to help our community, our brothers and sisters. We have their same blood, however their blood is damaged. Those of us with healthy blood have an obligation to help those with this horrible ailment. Sharing your blessing feeds your soul. ❤

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