Deb’s Birthday blood drive

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They say it’s better to give than receive, and I couldn’t agree more. Which is why I’m donating my birthday to the American Red Cross!

In lieu of gifts this year, I’m hosting a SleevesUp virtual blood drive and asking friends and family to pledge to give blood in the next 30 days. Together, we’ll track our pledges, cheer each other on, and, most importantly, provide a lifesaving gift for patients in need.

To get started, make your pledge by clicking the red button above, and then visit to schedule your donation appointment. You can give at a locally hosted blood drive or at a permanent Red Cross blood donation center.

The impact we can make together is the best gift I can imagine! Thanks for helping celebrate my birthday and for helping save patient lives with your generous gift. Please pledge to give blood today!

What your donors are up to...

Take a photo of yourself donating blood and share it! Just use #Givebloodsavelives

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Mid Ulster Council
There are still appointments left for the blood donation sessions taking place from 1pm-4pm and 5pm-8pm at Coalisla…… at 28.7.2021 10:02
Agent Delta Cosplay
Earned my Intermediate Badge today! That's 15 times I've donated! If anyone out there has time, I really encourage…… at 27.7.2021 17:17
Saul Betmead
Doing my bit here because strangely I can’t in France. Thank you #nhs #givebloodsavelives @ Foxton Village Hall… at 27.7.2021 13:07
Raf Kol 🇵🇱🇬🇧🇪🇺 ***** ***
It cost you nothing, you can save somebody live. Nic Cię nie kosztuje, a możesz uratować czyjeś życie…… at 27.7.2021 11:21
Miranda Ashitey
RT @SianIsSmiling: This is my 10th donation. If you can give blood please do. Especially Black, Mixed and Asian people as we tend to donate… at 27.7.2021 03:40
Christian Collins, MCTV 🎙
Before and after…at the @uclabloodandplateletcenter. Donation number 8675309 +1. Not doing the face diaper selfies…… at 26.7.2021 16:32
Agent Delta Cosplay
RT @GiveBloodNI: Can you help? A lot of our donation sessions next week have bookings less than 50% capacity. If you live or work in any of… at 25.7.2021 23:47
Joanne Badger
RT @LAL_NI: If you're able to donate blood and live in any of the areas listed for donations next week please make an appointment. Be sure… at 25.7.2021 19:23
Red Wind Casino
The COVID-19 Pandemic has contributed to a critical supply shortage, we need your help! 🆘 To sign up for the bloo…… at 25.7.2021 15:49
RT @GiveBloodNI: If you are going to be watching the Olympics over the next few days, don't forget that you too can be a winner - just give… at 24.7.2021 23:40
alan duffy
RT @LAL_NI: If you're able to donate blood and live in any of the areas listed for donations next week please make an appointment. Be sure… at 24.7.2021 18:16
☮️ 𝒱𝐸𝒩𝒰𝒮 💟
Cheesy T-shirt whose time has come? Shameless plug for my favorite snack? Both, but mostly calling attention to the…… at 24.7.2021 16:35