D. E. Smith Institutional Excellence Saving Lives Blood Drive

In Honor of Darryl E. Smith
2 /100

This campaign was established to honor, Darryl Eugene Smith, of Durham, North Carolina, who passed away peacefully on July 3, 2018, after a lifelong battle with sickle cell disease. Although Darryl was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at 6 months old, he always grabbed life by the horns, pushed himself to the limit and embraced the consequential notion of possibility. In addition, advocating for individuals with sickle cell disease was always important to Darryl. He spoke at numerous conferences and organized several community events regarding educational awareness and treatment of people with the sickle cell disease. Due to the frequency of blood transfusions experienced by patients diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, the need is great for blood banks to be stocked with all blood types consisting of various combinations of antigens. Thus, donating blood is very important! This campaign is to encourage all to save a life by donating blood at their local American Red Cross. A special invite is extended to those within the African American community, as most domestic sickle cell patients are those associated with the aforementioned population. Join us in honoring Darryl’s legacy of helping to educate and save lives by donating blood.